Water and Healthy Skin

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Did you know that drinking the recommended daily amount of water can improve your skin and make you look younger?  Well the proof is in the pudding. A 42 year old woman from the UK, Sarah, documented her transformation for 4 weeks to prove that consuming 3 liters a day of water DOES improve your skin while also taking years off your appearance.

So what prompted the experiment? As a chronic headache sufferer Sarah went to see her neurologist for some advice. During this appointment Sarah was informed that she needed to increase her daily consumption of water.  Headaches are often a result from dehydration due to the fact that the body’s organs try to make up for a lack of water by stealing it from the brain.

After 4 weeks of ingesting 3 liters a day of water Sarah noticed a dramatic difference in her appearance. On her face she noticed that the lines and shadows around her eyes were less pronounced.  Her skin was plumper and looked well nourished. The patchy spots she once had were no longer visible.  Not only did her face undergo changes but so did her  body, said Sarah.  She states ” I’m feeling leaner and fitter too, which is amazing since the only thing I have changed is the amount of water I drink.”

Please view the article attached to see the photos of Sarah’s drastic transformation.