Vitamin C in Skin Care

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Vitamin C is a powerful serum antioxidant that is applied topically to the skin once a day, and aids in the correction of the premature aging process. It does this by creating a barrier in the deeper part of the skin where the living skin cells exist and protects them from free radical damage – also known as oxidative stress. Because of this created barrier, Vitamin C helps the skin function at a more optimal level improving the health of the skin, which in turn, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves the texture of the skin and enhances cellular hydration. All very positive side effects of using this topical powerhouse.

What are free radicals?
Free radicals are unstable molecules that have the ability to cause significant cellular damage. This cellular damage is known as oxidative stress. The free radicals cause wrinkles in the skin by breaking down collagen and elastin that lie in the deeper layers. These nasty molecules are produced through normal bodily processes, as well as being released from external sources such as the sun, air pollution, and tobacco smoke. Free radicals also attack DNA and RNA on the cell nucleus, causing cellular damage and death. What does that mean to you? Rough, dull, crepe thin skin.

Why is a topical antioxidant needed?
Antioxidants that are taken in orally through our food sources and supplements are grate for protecting our internal body, keeping our body healthy and fighting off many disease processes. But because our skin’s blood supply is spread out over such a large area (the skin the the largest organ of the human body), the higher concentration of our oral antioxidants is lost. Therefore, a topical application of Vitamin C is necessary to obtain optimal antioxidant protection.

This product should be applied once daily in the morning on clean dry skin followed by a sunscreen containing zinc, titanium or a combination of both. Once Vitamin C is applied, it can not be removed. It gets down into the deeper part of the skin, so sweating, showering and swimming can not take it off. It is a primary component to any medical skin care regimen; an absolute ”can’t live without” product!

If you have any more questions about Vitamin C, please contact the Skincare Nurse Specialists at Pellé.

The Jessner’s Peel: What It Is and What to Expect

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Are you having visions of Samantha from Sex and The City right now?! The bright red swollen face, hiding out for a week? No worries! That is definitely NOT what a Jessner’s Peel is. This peel is a moderate chemical treatment that can be administered as a single treatment, or as a series of 3 treatments over an 8 week period. The series builds on the effect of each prior chemical application. Whether you choose to do a single treatment or partake in the slightly more aggressive series, both will produce improvement in the texture, brightness and luminosity of your skin.

The actual treatment itself consists of up to 3 applications of the Jessner’s solution, followed by a single application of Retinoic acid. At this time, your skin may feel warm with some prickliness. This feeling will subside within a few minutes, as the solution moves through the skin. Once the chemical movement in the skin stops, your skin will immediately feel firmer, smoother and tighter. A heavy moisturizer and UV protectant will be applied before you leave the office and go about your day. The most important post treatment activity a patient can do, is to keep the skin heavily moisturized and protected with a UV protectant. Your skin care nurse can make the appropriate recommendations for both.

Within 24-48 hours of the chemical application, actual peeling will begin. Oh, not the scary peeling that Samantha had! Absolutely not! This type of peeling is more like a sunburn peel, and the entire peeling process will take approximately 3-5 days. No hiding out or wearing disguises! At day 7, you come back into the office for dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a manual, light scraping of the skin that helps with getting the last little bit of residual dead skin off. It is included in the cost of the peel and once complete, bright, new healthy skin will be revealed!

Have any other questions? Please stop in or give us a call.

Skincare & Chemotherapy

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For patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, the most common complaint with their skin is dryness and irritation. If the skin becomes severely dry it can be more susceptible to infection which is a scary place to be for a patient whose immunity is already compromised.

Here are some tips to help prevent problems with dry skin during chemotherapy:

• avoid hot showers and baths

• use fragrance free soaps and laundry detergents

• use thick creams for moisturizers as opposed to lotions

• after each hand washing moisturize hands

• for dry flaky skin use ammonium lactate cream, available by prescription or over the counter

• use SPF 30, broad spectrum protection on skin to prevent sunburn as chemotherapy makes one more susceptible to sunburn

• drink plenty of fluids, 2-3 quarts of non alcoholic, non-caffeinated fluids a day

• wear clothes made of cotton

Pellé Medical Skincare also carries a cancer care line by iS Clinical. The iS cancer care line provides skin care solutions for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. These products specifically address the needs of cancer patients. The line contains extremely powerful antioxidants to protect against free-radical damage generated from the environment as a result of certain cancer treatment therapies. Medical literature gives an overwhelming support to the use of antioxidants during cancer treatment. They have been shown to improve the outcome of cancer treatments and reduce the side effects from such treatments. The cancer care line products combine ingredients that strengthen cellular health and integrity and increase micro-circulation. The line utilizes proven cancer preventative ingredients and offers the safest, most advanced form of UV protection.

Skin dryness is not the only skin issue that arises with radiation and chemotherapy. Many patients suffer from burns and hyperpigmentation as well. The iS Clinical Cancer line has products to combat against these side effects as well.

If you, or someone you know is suffering from chemotherapy or radiation-related skin problems, contact a skincare nurse specialist at Pellé at 513-272-0064.

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Water and Healthy Skin

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Did you know that drinking the recommended daily amount of water can improve your skin and make you look younger?  Well the proof is in the pudding. A 42 year old woman from the UK, Sarah, documented her transformation for 4 weeks to prove that consuming 3 liters a day of water DOES improve your skin while also taking years off your appearance.

So what prompted the experiment? As a chronic headache sufferer Sarah went to see her neurologist for some advice. During this appointment Sarah was informed that she needed to increase her daily consumption of water.  Headaches are often a result from dehydration due to the fact that the body’s organs try to make up for a lack of water by stealing it from the brain.

After 4 weeks of ingesting 3 liters a day of water Sarah noticed a dramatic difference in her appearance. On her face she noticed that the lines and shadows around her eyes were less pronounced.  Her skin was plumper and looked well nourished. The patchy spots she once had were no longer visible.  Not only did her face undergo changes but so did her  body, said Sarah.  She states ” I’m feeling leaner and fitter too, which is amazing since the only thing I have changed is the amount of water I drink.”

Please view the article attached to see the photos of Sarah’s drastic transformation.

What You Need to Know About Serums

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Serums are a top pick of many skin care gurus because they are formulated to target specific skin issues. Whether you want to reduce fine lines, smooth fine lines, reduce dark spots, prevent acne or brighten up your skin, serums come in a variety of formulas.

The best part about serums is that most of the fluid is eliminated — what’s left is a high concentration of active ingredients. Serums are loaded with the most potent dose of anti-aging ingredients — antioxidants, peptides and skin brighteners you can find on the market.

Many serums are packaged in pump bottles or have medicine-dropper applicators to dispense just the tiny amount you need. Those few concentrated drops have the ability to penetrate deep within the layers of your skin so that you get phenomenal results!

Additionally, serums tend to be a patient favorite as they have a non-greasy finish and they don’t leave behind a sticky residue. To find the serum that is best for your skin — schedule an appointment with your Nurse Skincare Specialist at Pellé.

Aging Skin

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One morning it happens. You’re looking in the mirror, and you suddenly realize that the deepening wrinkles, red spots and drooping skin are signs that you are aging. That’s right, you’re getting old!

If you find yourself asking, “What can I do?” Pellé Medical Skin Care, owned and operated by two medical skin care nurses who have over 35 years combined experience in the industry, is the answer. A third skin care nurse was brought into the clinic a year and a half ago. Pellé, and not the local spa, salon or nearest department store, is the right choice for aging skin because medical grade skin care and peels work deep below the epidermis (top or first layer of skin) to hydrate, boost cell turnover, stimulate collagen growth and banish DNA-damaging free radicals.

Medical grade products do all of these wonderful things for our skin because they contain more active ingredients then over-the-counter (OTC) products do. Take for example: sunscreen versus sunblock. Unlike UVB light, UVA rays travel through windows in the office, home and car. Studies have shown that UVA is carcinogenic and induces the grayish, yellow-y tone seen in older people’s skin. Pellé sunblock contains zinc oxide, or titanium dioxide, that deflects UVA rays. Our physical block is great because it also serves as a moisturizer in the morning. There are a host of products for treating the most sensitive (rosacea type skin) to acneic, hyper-pigmented, and of course environmentally damaged skin.

Other products at Pellé are Vitamin C Serum, Retin-A, Retinols for those who cannot tolerate Retin-A, prescription hydroquinone for skin lightening and incredible cleansers, toners, moisturizers, exfoliators, masks and serums that pack a lot of anti-aging punch, and deliver both instant and long term results.

So call Pellé today for your consultation and let us show you how you can have a more gorgeous, glowing, and healthy look

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Wrinkle-Reducing Skincare Tips Infographic

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Look at this great infographic we found on Wrinkle-Reducing Skincare Tips from Angie’s List!


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Psoriasis is a disorder of the immune system that causes skin redness and irritation. Most people with psoriasis have thick, red skin with flakey silver-white patches called scales. It is a persistent and chronic skin disease. The patient’s skin cells are turning over at a very rapid pace, every 4-5 days, causing this build-up of skin, which manifests itself in the form of unsightly and embarrassing dermatologic splotches.

Psoriasis can begin at any age, from infancy through the golden years. About 75% develop psoriasis before they turn forty. Psoriasis is not contagious. You cannot get this disorder from touching someone or even swimming in the same pool. Psoriasis is a complex genetic skin disorder and scientists have found that everyone who inherits the gene for psoriasis gets psoriasis.

If you think you have psoriasis, please seek the help of a dermatologist. Spas and other non-medical settings are not the right places to seek effective therapy for your skin. Board-certified dermatologists have the medical training and experience needed to determine the most appropriate treatments for each patient.

New product: Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment

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Through the month of March receive 10% off our newest product, EXFOLIATING ENZYME TREATMENT, when you schedule a Transition Peel. This incredible mask from IS Clinical is a treatment between treatments! The benefits include smooth and polished skin as well as healthy collagen synthesis. With this safe and effective physical biochemical exfoliant, you’ll see a dramatic difference in your skin’s appearance.

As an added bonus Pelle is offering 10% off one of the most effective and amazing skin rejuvenation products from IS Clinical: Active Serum, which is typically used in conjunction with Retin-A.

If you purchase IS Clinical’s ACTIVE SERUM and EXFOLIATING ENZYME TREATMENT, we’ll give you an additional 5% off your total purchase!

Call today and schedule your Transition Peel to take advantage of these exciting March Specials!

Asian Skincare

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There is much diversity in Asian skin tones ranging from light, pale skin to light or dark brown skin. People with Asian ancestry can encounter every skin problem and often times need a very tailored approach to their skincare regimen.

Acne, and especially inflammatory acne, is one of the most common skin conditions that affects people of Asian descent due to an increased amount of melanin, or the pigment in the skin. Unfortunately, Asian skin becomes more inflamed with deeper acne pustules and papules.

Pellé can help maintain the beauty and health of this type of skin using the following daily routine:

1) Cleanse with a medical grade product that is designed for your skin type whether it be dry, oily or sensitive.
2) Exfoliate to unclog pores and remove surface skin debris.
3) Use sunblock everyday to help prevent post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, “PIH.”

PIH can cause discoloration or scarring after the acne has healed and is a common concern for patients.

Another option to help prevent and heal acne issues is to have Salicyclic Acid Peels for oily skin and a Lactic Acid Peel for sensitive skin. Pellé Medical Skincare highly recommends these types of peels for everyone of Asian descent.

In addition, topical retinoids can be of great benefit in fighting acne. Pellé Medical Skincare recommends Retin-A for thicker, oilier skin and Retinol for sensitive skin. Both remove the surface skin cells and improve acne and hyper-pigmentation issues. Pellé also offers several serums to calm, hydrate and combat acne flare-ups in Asian skin types.

Because all Asian skin types are susceptible to uneven skin tones and hyper-pigmentation, sunblock is an absolute essential and so is a bleaching agent. Pellé recommends “Rx Skin Lightener, containing hydroquinone, which is the gold standard for bleaching. Services such as peels and medical grade cosmeceuticals, such as White Lightening cream and serum can also be highly beneficial to maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

Pellé highly recommends using a complete sunblock daily, January through January to improve all skin conditions and keep your skin healthy and beautiful.