Acne and Adult Acne Q&A

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Is teenage acne different from adult acne?
Yes and no. When dirt, excess oil and dead cells mingle, they plug the openings of your pores. Although this pore-clogging process is the same whether you’re 13 or 35, adult acne pops up in different places than the teen kind. It typically appears on the jawline, chin and neck, as opposed to the forehead, cheeks and nose with teens.

Is adult acne an actual problem for many women?
Absolutely! Grown-up women are not only fending off wrinkles, but studies show they’re battling zits too. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel as if you’re 30 going on 13! Pellé Medical Skin Care offers several individualized peels to treat adult acne.

Does Pellé have products for home use and is education provided?
Yes. You could call it, Pimple-Busting Protocol. First, Pellé’s skincare nurses’ consult about your skin issues. Education is key. Everything from stress, to hormonal and weather changes and of course genetics is discussed. The medical grade products that are suggested are all pH balanced for an effective skincare regiment. The pH is of the upmost importance and the only way acne can be treated and kept under control. OTC (over the counter) products are either to drying, irritating or cause additional problems.
Retin-A or a Retinol are state of the art in treating acne. Pelle carry’s all three strengths, and retinols for more sensitive skin. These Renoic acids, or Vitamin A products help unplug follicles, keep the pores clear, the skin exfoliated and HELP with wrinkles! Oral anti-biotics taken for short durations can be prescribed for cyclic, cystic acne, and are very effective when combined with topical acne products.

In conclusion adult acne is not something you have to face on your own. Take the first step and schedule an appointment today with a Pelle skincare nurse. Discover how healthy and beautiful your skin can look and feel!

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