Caring for Cancer Patients

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We’ve been so lucky to have the support of the Cincinnati community. Check out a story that appeared today on about our iS Cancer Care treatments

Caring for Cancer Patients
Pelle Medical is taking skincare to the next level by providing a medical-based skincare line for patients taking chemotherapy and radiation therapy right here in Cincinnati.

The last thing a cancer patient needs is a skin condition to remind them of the disease every time they look in the mirror. That’s why iS Cancer Care, a branch of the iS Clinical skincare line, targets patients facing skin damage resulting from chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Pellé Medical, a Cincinnati-based skin care clinic is offering these products to patients in the Tri-State area.

With more than twenty combined years of skincare experience, registered nurses Debbie Gittinger and Chris Klueh opened Pellé in April 2009. Together, they treat patients’ skincare needs under the direction of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Allison Lied.

“We see patients with all skin types and problems – acne, rosacea, sensitive and pigmented,” says Klueh. And although the iS Clinical line of products offered by Pellé Medical treat these conditions, the iS Cancer Care line was formulated especially for skin damage caused by cancer treatment therapies.

Chemotherapy is effective at battling cancer because it targets and kills rapidly developing cells. However, the chemotherapy chemicals are unable to decipher harmful cancerous cells from cells that are meant to divide rapidly within the body, such as the skin. As a result, damaged skin cells often break down and become fragile, form rashes or change skin pigment due to necessary cancer treatments. iS Cancer Care contains a powerful antioxidant, which works to battle free radicals, which cause damage to the skin, and are especially prevalent in cancer treatment therapies.

But all patients with cancer are not treated with the same type or dosage of drug, and every patient reacts differently. “Patients are put on specific products based on their individual skin care needs and goals,” says Klueh.

Some patients are very likely to experience an allergic reaction, even to cancer battling drugs. Since appearance is a key factor in self-esteem, Pellé Medical is not only providing a physical service, but a mental service as well. Pellé Medical is showing its support to cancer survivors in other ways as well.

October is widely known as breast cancer awareness month and is characterized by the cloud of pink ribbons which appear in support of those who are battling or have battled against breast cancer. This past October, Pellé Medical ran a sweepstakes where followers of its blog and Facebook page could nominate family members or friends who are fighting or have fought breast cancer to receive a gift basket of skincare products and a Pellé Medical facial.

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